Barbara Houwers – Structures In the exhibition “Concepts” Barbara Houwers shows work in which repeating structures determine the form. She makes spatial work in the area between painting and sculpture. The wall objects and block canvases are a result of this. The traces that are created during the work process form an earthy, structured ‘skin’, partly due to the monochrome use of color.

In the 3D print objects, the repetition of small basic shapes ultimately determines the shape, in a slightly more playful composition. The objects were designed in a digital computer program and 3D printed in black plastic. In both digital designs and handmade objects, the beauty of repetition is the goal Houwers strives for. Circle of Sculptors gallery in Soest. Opening December 10, 3 p.m. Abstract structures and forms.

On show: Sculpture Gallery Kring van Beeldhouwers in Soest (Nl) opening 10 december 15u.
Abstract structures and forms.