Ovum project
As a project based artist I love to explore new directions. Former themes developed as more styled formes, and the oval shape became leading. I realized a new beginning after merely painting (for 20 years) towards sculpture was quit new and challenging. The oval form as a metafore for a new direction in my work.

3D-printing and lasercut
Starting with  studies in aquarel and crayon I found new forms and dimensions, Then I explored 3D desiging and printing in small objects as well in a large 3D print contrete object. The simpicity of the form and the repetiition of the numerous layers of he material are fascinating. A series of objects in MDF-oval laser cut layers are made as well. I am now thinking about the spacial possibilities. a wall object or sculpture?

Ceramic sculpture
As well an installation in ceramics was a new direction. More than any material I love Clay and the expessive possibility’s.