The central theme in my work is the strength and vulnerability of man. Man as
individual, in connection with others and figuring through life as a quest.
‘Baggage/Luggage’ as a metaphor plays an important role in this. After this theme kept coming back in drawings and paintings, I made the step to three-dimensional work in ceramics.

In the object “Baggage” and also in the “Story Vase” you see human figures dragging, searching, and waiting. Flanked by their luggage. The bags, suitcases and belongings that are taken from place to place. The physical and visible personal matters. But also the “baggage” of experiences in life. About the longing for a different (more beautiful, safe) place. Searching for a better future.

In the development of this series of objects, the theme (in the context of the current era) became increasingly topical: More and more people are adrift, looking for a better life. “On the move”. Gradually it also became more personal: A look back in my own family history: My mother’s family who roamed through Europe. My father’s family who returned in ’45 with 1 bag. And the baggage they never lost…