Barbara Houwers: The central theme in my work is the strength and vulnerability of man. The human as individual, in connection with others and figuring through life as a quest. ‘Luggage’ as metaphor plays an important role in this. Over the years, my work has developed a personal visual language. In 2017 I started a research in spatial techniques and materials experiments as a logical continuation. A collection of images and objects in 3D print, ceramics, bronze and various materials is the result. In this current phase, stillness and the power of form have become leading “‘Within both painting and making spatial work I am particularly fascinated by working from the material in order to depict my themes as well as possible”.

Early on in Barbara Houwers’ oeuvre, the human figure is the theme that would prove to be a deep source of inspiration over the years. The “Gestalte” is depicted in her paintings in strength and vulnerability. For anyone who recognizes themselves in it. Over the years, sub-themes arise, such as connection, love and baggage as a metaphor for life itself. Houwers developed in the paintings and works on paper a personal and recognizable visual language with a unique layering. Her work finds its way into galleries, institutions and collections around the world.

In recent works we see that the human figure enters into an expressive relationship with the space. Space itself becomes the subject of new series and investigative projects. Houwers takes up her theme in new techniques. In sculpting she finds a logical, spatial addition to painting. By ‘zooming out’ on the theme, Houwers enters a new dimension. The “Stature” continues; in abstracted and repetitive structures. Work in which the power of connection ultimately becomes the power of the image. Read more…