3D print multiples


In 2017 my first “digital design” adventure started with an invitation to test software. A very nice challenge for someone who had been a painter for 25 years in the transition to spatial work. The starting point was the “capturing” of the patterns from my paintings by scanning techniques. I had a first series of work made out of wood with a laser (fire) technique. From that moment on I actually started to take up subjects from my paintings. Editing of shapes and lines, image elements and structures became possible via the computer.I made a few digital designs that could later be 3D printed. I had at that help from software “guys” but also really enjoyed learning!
The designs that emerged were not feasible by hand, and that is why they are so interesting. An additional advantage was the possibilities for resizing, and the possible infinity in circulation. This has led to a number of assignments and beautiful exhibitions. Yet I always give lectures (also in education) about my 3D printing adventure…

Assignments and exhibitions:

 Participation in museum shops: Singer Laren, Museum Hilversum, Coda Museum etc.
 Various exhibitions with the Dutch Circle of Sculptors.
 2022 and 23. “Red Rakkers Trophy” Assignment PVDA Zaanstad.
 2019. The Cornflower | Municipality of Blaricum (business gift competition).
 2017. Flower | penny | Assignment for the Region “Gooi en Vechtstreek.
 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-fn_E3SQBs