3D print multiples

Multiples, gifts and awards.

In 2016 I started the first 3D print adventure with a commission for Gewest Gooi en Vechtstreek. The object ‘Flower’ (symbolic for growth) was first in a series of conceptual work. It has been exposed in galleries like Hazart Art foundation and museumshops of oa Coda, Groeneveld, Singer and Michigan Art center. The series are autonomous artworks, gifts and awards.

  • 2022. De “Rode Rakkers”‘ Trofee.
  • 2022. De “Aanjager”.
  • 2019. De Korenbloem | Gemeente Blaricum (inzending wedstrijd).
  • 2015. Bloemetje | Opdracht voor het Gewest “Gooi en Vechtstreek”. 


A digital design 3D print, black nylon. Inspired on the relationship between men and nature, and an ode to protection of the environment. A transparant and strong sculpture. 

CARE small: H 25 cm | Total 35 cm.
Material: SLS (Nylon).
Coating: (Mica Iron Oxide van Golden) Acrylics).
Stand polished granite.
Design 2016 | Barbara Houwers.
Other sizes to be ordered.