Pigment stories

  • 2015 Duiker Blauw | Residency in Zonnestraal Hilversum
  • 2016 Bleu de Pastel | Musee du Pastel | Toulouse

Pigment Stories.
March 2015 artist Barbara Houwers started a project on traditional fabrication of paint. During the collection of the pigments that determine the colour of paint, she discovered that some pigments have a long and special history.

The colour intensity of pigments is pure magic. The enchanting ultramarine. The deep emerald green. The sparkling crimson. Artist Barbara Houwers looks closely into the secret of colour by means of experiments with paint, pigments, binding agents and knife in an endless repetition of square touches. This results in a monochrome picture that only on closer inspection reveals the wealth of subtle mutual differences and again and again is the starting point for a new canvas. A structure of paint, wood and linen. Flat or in 3D as a block cloth. Text: Ellen Roling.

2015 Duiker blue | An architects colour | May-oct Zonnestraal Hilversum
Her first project was “Duiker blue” exhibited at Art Zonnestraal 2015. The second project will be about organic “Bleu de pastel”.

2016-17 Bleu de pastel | Musee du Pastel | Toulouse
About “Woad’s blue” and the amazing history of this plant and it’s colour.