Sand projects

2017 Installatie Colours of the world.
Exhibition “Worldview”‘ Comenius museum Naarden

2009-2010 Sand Travels | Assemblage in paintings | Traveling international exhibition.
Nederlands Vesting museum.
Muzej Grada zenice-Zenica.
Museum of contemporary art-Banja Luca.
Museum of the Una-Sana-Canton Bihac.
Ambassy of Bosnie in Den Haag.

2007 The land of Mauve.
Art Manifestation inspired by Mauve, the famous painter.
Sandpaintings in Laren, square Singer Museum in 2007.

Mother Earth. 
To realize my 2nd new ”sandpainting”, I am looking for small amounts of sand from country’s all around the world. It would be great if you could take part in the realization of this work. The idea is that you bring or send me a little bit (a spoonful) of sand, in for example a plastic bag in an enveloppe. On this website I will create a list of countries from which I already have received sand. My technique is to mix this sand with a flexible form of artificial resin. I will use this to compose a large painting bit by bit. I expect that the painting will represent all the colors of the world.Through this website I will keep you updated about the project. Many thanks for your (future) participation and feel free to pass this on.