Windnomaden Art project 
Floriade 2012 | Terschelling 2009  | New York

New York Journal.
The New Island Festival on Governors Island in New York ended on Sunday evening with a visit from Prime Minister Balkenende. The organizers and artists can look back on a successful, well-attended festival, especially the second weekend. It was a fine mix of Parade and Oerol performances on the magnificent island, a stone’s throw from Manhattan. And the wind nomads were there too. The public were pleasantly surprised by the colourful installation of paintings and the reactions were extremely positive. The performances by other Parade and Oerol artists, including the cow, among the wind nomads were a great success. And painting with the children from Brooklyn was a fine addition. Once again, it was quite a job to pack everything into the container but pulling the installation down went well and the wind nomads will arrive back in Holland around October 10. We look back upon a successful festival and Balkenende promised to hang the poster we offered him, the photo taken from a helicopter with the wind nomads forming NY-NL, in an excellent place.