Waterlinie Museum

De T-shirts en het Papier project
Als (individuele) kunstenaars werden we door de curator Elganan Jelsma van het project ‘Geeft 8” uitgenodigd om een idee voor de tentoonstelling in te zenden. Al snel vonden wij elkaar in het idee iets te gaan doen met het maken van papier uit katoenen T shirts: Het recyclen van militaire kleding –wellicht- gedragen tijdens vredesmissies. Katoen was een voorwaarde om er-volgens het oude ambacht- papier van te maken. Wij kregen 10 kilo shirts ….lees verder 


The 5th Miniatures Biënnale. Visit the exhibition from 3 to 21 december 2018 in Galerie Kijkoor, Eikenlaan 4 in Eemnes.  http://www.larensbehoud.nl/…/de-vijfde-miniatuur-biennale-3…
Object ‘Furry” 14 cm in 3D print.

Biography Barbara Houwers

Art Historian Dian Kostman wrote a Biography:  Artist Barbara Houwers was mainly known for her paintings of human figures, mostly painted in subdued earth tones. More recently, however, she switched to more abstract works of art created in geometric patterns and sometimes also bright colours. This seems to be a great style break, however………..read more.

Anniversary action – Febr-March

During the Anniversary exhibition we compose a mix of old and new works. We make space for recent series of works and you are invited to come and have a look. As well on appointment: 06-20330085. Really worth the trip! Coffee is ready!!

Press november 2017

A very fine article written by Marit Versteeg ( art editorial of our regional newspaper  Gooi -en Eemlander).
November 2017. Press

Anniversary action – December

Block paintings on sale from 250.- euro and on! Welcome during the open studio days on 7,8 and 9 december. Daily from 13-17h. Route and contact. Foto: Hazart Art Galery past summer.

Anniversary action – November

November promotion in my anniversary year!
10 % reduction on Bronzes. Starting from 530,- euro. For prices and more informatition please mail or call. (This offer is only in the Netherlands and till june 2018. ). http://www.barbarahouwers.com/en/objects/

25 Digital Designs

Presentation with 25 digital designs, and their variations, paint and material experiments. On show on my open studio days 17 and 18 nov 2018.  Every day at 15 h a small masterclass about digital design and 3D Printing. With special thanks to Fab-lab Amsterdam and M&H 3d Reverse  from Eemnes.

Anniversary action – October

Seizoen 2017-18 vier ik mijn 25 jarig jubileum als kunstenaar met mooie aanbiedingen. CARE is een nieuwe sculptuur in 3D-Print en is de aanbieding van de maand oktober. Het beeld symboliseert de relatie tussen mens en natuur.  CARE (in zwart SLS geprint) kunt u aankopen voor de speciale jubileumprijs van 350.-. Zolang de voorraad strekt. Vanaf juni 2017 is de verkoopprijs 450,- incl. btw. CARE | 25 cm SLS | zwart 3D-Print | Hoogte 35 cm inclusief granieten sokkel. Voor meer objecten en een impressie kijk op de pagina objecten.

Shell: Art meets technology

Shell Technology Center Amsterdam. Solo exhibition sept- oct 2017. Paintings and an installation with a selection of my 3D-print artwork in collaboration with the glaswork departement. Grasweg 31 Amsterdam. Open during office hours (please bring your ID).


Aesthetica Art Prize 2017

Future Now: 100 Contemporary Artists 2017.

Barbara Houwers has been longlisted out of over 3,500 entries from artists working in 70 countries worldwide for the 10th Aesthetica Art Prize. The longlist comprises 100 artists working in a range of media, whose selected pieces are published in Future Now: 100 Contemporary Artists 2017.
Hosted by Aesthetica Magazine, an international art and culture publication with a global readership of 311,000, the prize is a major annual event for British and international artists. The award presents a platform for creatives to engage with a wider audience through the publication, and it also hosts an exhibition for shortlisted artists at York Art Gallery, UK, from 26 May to 10 September. Images of the longlisted works will be shown in a continuous loop on a monitor in the gallery.
The book Future Now enables readers to explore 100 captivating projects from the shortlist and longlist through images and artists’ statements. A series of critical essays also feature, offering contextualisation and mapping trends in today’s visual culture.
Cherie Federico, Director of the Aesthetica Art Prize says: “recognising both innovation and creativity, the Future Now publication showcases original projects from leading artists. The 2017 collections unites 100 practitioners from countries worldwide, providing a glimpse into the shifting landscape of creative expression. We are thrilled with this year’s selection, and encourage art world professionals and enthusiasts alike to explore the works and discover exciting trends as they develop today.”



First statues in bronze

My first statues in bronze!! This month from casting. Limited edition 8!
On show on appointment and during some exhibitions….

(Nederlands) Open atelier en lezing

Op donderdag 16 maart 2017 om 20.00 uur geeft Barbara Houwers een lezing over kunst en 3D printen in de Hilt in Eenmes, als onderdeel van “Rondje Cultuur”. Voor wie meer wil zien van de 3D print collectie: Vrijdag 17 maart is het atelier van Barbara Houwers in Blaricum Bijvanck geopend van 13-18 uur voor bezoek. Translation soon…

Clouds and Lines

The serie abstract works “Clouds and Lines” is made during my Artist in residence periode on Zonnestraal.
Inspired by the minimalistic, modern (1928) architecture of Duiker who built Zonnestraal.

Clouds and Lines on show

Clouds and lines -series. On show in Art Foundation Hazart Gallery. Inspired by architecture.
Hazart Art Foundation | www.hazart.nl | Soest.

New sculpture: CARE

Barbara Houwers | Care-tuinbeeld

This new sculpture from the 3D-print collection of visual Artist Barbara Houwers symbolises the relation between men and nature. The object is made in black rasin and  mesures 25 cm. With the matching stone sockel 35 cm. On sale at Studio Barbara Houwers. E:barbarahouwers@gmail.com.

Hazart Artfoundation

New exhibition in Hazart Artfoundation in Soest. ‘Meet the artist ( and my new works)’ on Saturday 25 June 14-16 u. Hazart | 12 juni t/m 28 augustus | www.hazart.nl | Soest.

Exhibition in Middelburg

Sunday April 3 to the end of May 2016: Barbara Houwers on show in Galerie T in Middelburg.

Duiker’s Blue

One of my pigment projects is Duikers’s Blue ( an architects colour). Visit the Lecture:
Kunstcafe Laren: 25 februari 19.30 u. Foyer Brinkhuis. More about Duikers blue…

Bleu de pastel – Woad’s Blue

Bleu de Pastel Toulouse

Barbara Houwers started a project on traditional fabrication of paint. During the collection of the pigments that determine the colour of paint, she discovered that some pigments have a long and special history. Her first project was “Duiker blue” exhibited at Art Zonnestraal 2015. The second project will be about organic “Bleu de pastel. In addition she made a small collection of works: ON SHOW: febr-june 2016 in Musee de Pastel Toulouse.

(Nederlands) Na de koninklijke onderscheiding…

Koninklijke onderscheiding voor Barbara Houwers

Radio 6FM 5 minutes:
Bij het 10-jarig jubileum van de Gooise Kunstkring ontving Barbara Houwers een Koninklijke onderscheiding uit handen van de loco Burgemeester van Blaricum. Ze ontving de onderscheiding voor vele jaren intensief vrijwilligerswerk in oa de kunstensector. In dit korte interview een terugblik….

(Nederlands) Gooi en Vechtstreek Living

Na haar studie aan de Hogeschool voor de Kunsten te Utrecht begon Barbara Houwers in 1992 haar carriere als kunstenaar. Sindsdien heeft ze een consistent euvre opgebouwd en bevind haar werk zich in vele collecties in binnen- en buitenland. In de diverse periodes en door de jaren heen ontwikkelde ze een zeer persoonlijk handschrift en werd ze bekend door haar verbeelding van thema’s rondom de mens. Lees meer op: http://www.gooienvechtstreekliving.nl

Singer Laren Artotheek

Friends of Singer Laren can participate in the special Artotheek. Borrow art from emerged artists.
Van 24 t/m 29 november 2015.

Art Zonnestraal

Barbara Houwers is participating artist and curator in “Art Zonnestraal”. Her personal artist projects are “Clouds and lines” and “Duiker Blauw” : An artist project about the power, characteristics and history of Duikers Blue paint and more about pigments. Zonnestraal is Unesco world Heritage and an inspiring place to work and visit. Art Zonnestraal: May-October 2015.  www.zonnestraal.nl

Saatchi news

On behalf of chief curator Rebecca Wilson and the Saatchi Art curation team,  Barbara’s work has been chosen to be featured in the Abstract August Collection on Saatchi Art’s homepage. You can see the collection here: http://www.saatchiart.com/art-collection/Painting-Drawing-Photography/Abstract-August/685448/111837/view


Boxes. Building the frame with wood and pure linen, some paint and dedication…..
Boxes “gebouwd” met houten frames, puur linnen, wat verf en toewijding…

Pigment stories

In march 2015 artist Barbara Houwers started a project around the craft of making paint. By collecting pigments she came upon old and interesting storys about pigments.  Pigment stories is about the power, characteristics and history of paint and pigments. The paintings she created in this project tell their story about colour. The location for this project is Zonnestraal in Hilversum (Unesco world Heritage) and an inspiring place to work and visit. www.zonnestraal.org

Almere -Zaken live


Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

Art and business

Art in working spaces. Tips and examples: Almere 18 februari. 

Saatchi Art’s Best of 2014

Saatchi curators  wanted to let me know that they have chosen my work to be in their round-up of some of the most exciting works on Saatchi Art this year. You can see all the works here: http://www.saatchiart.com/shows/best-of-2014